What diver has not feel during a dive the dry mouth, the urge to drink, the frustration of being surrounded by water and not being able to drink it? Be honest, sometimes it happened to you, and you know it.

An University Hongik affiliated design team: Dong Wha Park, Yoonji Jisu and Lee Yun have created a bottle that allows you to drink clean water into the sea. The invention contains gelatin capsules that dissolve in the mouth, these capsules are released by the diver by pressing a button at the center of the bottle, even with gloves.


This bottle has been called with the name of "Scubar". We do not know if the "bar" suffix was added in reference to the pressure, which would be the most logical explanation, or if "bar" is a promise of other drinks in a gel form. We will keep you informed.

Funzionamento della bottiglia scubar

The bottle won the K-Award Prize & Design 2016, yes it is a design award, but the fact that scuba diving is present in this type of awards is a good sign for the sector.

The web is full of demonstrations of divers who drink all kinds of drinks, such as Coca-Cola, champagne, beer, etc... we suggest you drink only water, as a matter of hydration, and because we know that all you are responsible divers. In any case, here we offer you a demonstration of how other drinks may be ingested under pressure.

What do you think about this invention? You what would you invent to facilitate diving? Leave your comments!